Why would the Premier League void the season with only 10 games left?! – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol reacts to Rio Ferdinand’s argument that the 2019-20 Premier League season should be voided in the interest of player safety. Nicol says he «can’t see why» there would be a need to void the season once things are safe again for all involved. He adds that if the season were only 10 games in he would have no problem cancelling it, but with just 10 games to go the league could hypothetically finish in «4-5 weeks.» Nicol also weighs in on Cesc Fabregas’ comments about players making fun of him when he cried after losing matches and thinks the former Arsenal player may have been «exaggerating.»

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  1. We don't have to play 10 games,play 3 throughout the English league, wherever teams finish it's their final position, they have all played at least 25 games each to be in the position they are all in anyway,so they can't blame it on the 7 they won't play,it's like a duckworth Lewis in cricketing terms.

  2. Steve's wanted bus behavior is why Liverpool didn't win the EPL for 30 years, the players sucked at loosing and it ruined them. Klopp has changed the mentality of the players, so they can deal with avoiding overconfidence from winning and not feeling like losers that will never win, because of a little problems on pitch.

  3. There may come a point where the season should be voided, but there is nothing to be accomplished by do it now or even this summer. This situation is not going to be back to normal in October. The FA has a bird in the hand, a season that could be finished with 3-4 weeks intense effort and careful organization, or they can prematurely fail at this season just so they can hurry up and set up next season to be a failure, too.

  4. You’d have test before quarantining the whole squad+staff for 6 weeks, they’d stay at a hotel in isolation, play those remaining games, get tested post match, almost as if they’re in a big tournament abroad! Imagine the public outrage of testing being used for entertainment, while regular folks need it more!

  5. The corona virus situation ain’t getting better in the UK and I hope players sign agreement with the FA if they contract the virus after restarting the league they should be sued, players can die, family members will be put at risk.

  6. Just void the season as people are dying all over the world across Europe to Asia and south and north America to Pacific. Redo this next season.if you are a top team you can do the same next season.

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