How the Premier League's fate could be decided by the fifth tier of English football | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens and Dan Thomas break down how the National League’s request to end their season «as soon as possible» could affect the completion of the Premier League season. Laurens says by not having teams promoted and relegated in the fifth division, a «domino effect» could occur, severely impacting how the leagues above them proceed. The guys also discuss the generous donations made by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola and more to hospitals and medical centers throughout the world.

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  1. Ok here's an idea. Just stop the season now and start with the new season in August. The remaining matches of this season can be played first in the new season. The results can be counted in both 2019/20 and 20/21 season table at the same time. After the current suspended matches have been played, declare the winner of 19/20 season and continue with the remainder of 20/21 season.

  2. I'm sorry, but no, this is not complicated. If the NL decides to void the fifth tier's season, the only change that that makes that affects the FA is "no promotion to the 4th tier" (the teams relegated to the 6th tier don't affect the FA). What difference will that make? Simple. No 4th tier relegation (congratulations, English teams in the bottom of the 4th tier), and that's it! The teams at the top of the table can still be promoted, the bottom 3rd tier teams can still be relegated, and each league will still have the correct number of teams the following year.

    This is a non-story turned into a story. The only story here is that the bottom teams in the 4th tier may (but probably won't) be about to get a free "Get out of Relegation" card due to a decision outside of their league's association completely. No, this will not affect the upper tiers in any way.

  3. In all this talk about “ Void “ the season: I have not heard anyone talk about just canceling the rest of the season, and just use the current table as the final one. Yes I know this unfair with 4th & 5th place CL spots , and Europa league spots still could change in final 9-10 games, as well as relegation. But 2/3 of season has been played. Having a shorten season due to different circumstances has happened before to other leagues. Why is this not an option anyone mentions. Barring a miracle, does anyone really expect to be playing games by May ? June ? Of course we wish so. But then delay the start of next season? Transfer window have to be extended, and so many other chain reactions will happen if they try to play the remaining season into July or August. Just call the season as it is, Yes it sucks for some teams, including my team, but call it done(with a Asterisk) and then prepare and hope the world is ready for football to begin the new season in August.

  4. Best is to wait still have 2 months to spare because that will cause a lot of problems concerning top 4 bottom 3 championships top 2 and playoff and so on all the way back , championship league is very very very hard fight to get out off lol so they won’t want to start over the league , it will cause upsets

  5. A lot of time, money and sacrifices have been spent and made. To just void the whole thing is totally dumb. Liverpool for example have been extraordinary this season and are near to their first premier league title and to just take that away from them would be crushing.

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