Futbol Club Barcelona

With supporters of FC Barcelona located all around the world and a massive global following, it will come as no surprise to most people that one priority for many visitors to Barcelona is to see the team in action at the Nou Camp.

Interest has become especially keen over the last few years when players like Ronaldinho, Messi and Eto'o have displayed the kind of on-pitch magic that makes the final result almost irrelevant. Luckily for supporters and the team though, this spectacular football goes beyond just show and the team is able to score too.

The result of this is that Barcelona have won the Spanish La Liga for the last 2 seasons and took home the Champions League trophy in 2006 and the result means that Futbol Club Barcelona is a bigger draw than ever.

The club's most eagerly awaited matches are against Real Madrid, the archrival of Barcelona. The matches are always hard fought, with the honor of each club at stake and the matches are always sold out quickly. Other more recent rivals include Chelsea after a number of clashes over the last few years in Champions League, and after the Champions League defeat of Arsena, that club can surely be added to the list of arch rivals.

With tickets going on sale to the public just 2 weeks before a match and 130,000 club members vying for 98,000 tickets it often makes sense to book from one of the ticket agents with a guaranteed allocation for each match.

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