ROBLOX Arsenal Creator Tournament Season 2 (100K ROBUX PRIZE)

The Arsenal Creator Tournament Season 2 will take place on June 13th starting at 1 PM EST. ROBLOX Content Creators and developers will be competing in an elimination based tournament for a prize of 100,000 ROBUX and an in-game melee trophy item.






If you’d like to help support the stream, you can donate using super chat or by becoming a channel member!

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PC Specs: – (Updated as I get new parts)
(Includes my mic, keyboard, and mouse)
Recording Software: NVIDIA Shadowplay
Secondary Recording Software: Open Broadcaster Software
Audio Workstation: Reaper
Editing: Movie Studio 13 Platinum and Sony Vegas 14 Pro

Any music that is used in my videos, is usually provided by any of these 3 channels/producers:

Production Music by

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