I Attempted to 1V1 FANS Using MAX FOV In Arsenal… (ROBLOX)

Today I attempt to 1v1 fans in Arsenal using MAX FOV! (120)

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PC Specs: – (Updated as I get new parts)
(Includes my mic, keyboard, and mouse)
Recording Software: NVIDIA Shadowplay
Secondary Recording Software: Open Broadcaster Software
Audio Workstation: Reaper
Editing: Movie Studio 13 Platinum and Sony Vegas 14 Pro

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Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

equipacion psg 2020 Buena calidad, buena presentacion, y muy buena atencion al cliente. Lo recomiendo

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  1. The 1V1 Videos Are so cool But this u maxed ur fov so cool My name is:Bancolae I Add and flollow i support code bandites thanks really wishing for another face cam video.

  2. "2:04"

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