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chandal valencia cf Esta muy bien la camiseta. Fue para un regalo y esta muy chula. Quedo encantado con ella y el material me gustó.

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  1. As I stated in the video, Castlers has told me to not give any info out on the skin until further notice. If I'm allowed to say anything else then I will.
    He will have a video out on the skin eventually!
    For those who are going to keep trying though: I gave you almost everything you need to know in yesterday's video.

  2. Waike here’s a mobile tip try using more than 1 finger for a example I use 3 fingers to play arsenal one for moving shooting and aiming maybe four if I get a gun like pepper gun or peace maker.

  3. Silly Monkey hat
    Cost:102 Robux

    Banana suit
    Cost:120 Robux
    Monkey shirt and pants
    Total cost:10 Robux

    Honestly at this point, buying the accesories and making it yourself is a better option than doing whatever hell trial the devs set up for this skin.

  4. Wait you know how Tanqr said "anyone can do it" while he gets headshot after headshot with a hush puppy and in his vid he said that castles is probably mocking him so I think that castlers made it just as hard as getting headshot after headshot with a hush puppy (so nearly impossible)

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