7 Best Premier League Strikers Who've Never Won the Golden Boot

From Liverpool star Roberto Firmino to Manchester United’s all time record goal scorer Wayne Rooney, HITC Sevens takes a look at a handful of legendary Premier League centre-forwards who’ve never won the Premier League Golden Boot.

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  1. Roberto firmino is the reason Liverpool have won so much. He plays as as a cam, falling back and passing to the wingers. If we had Werner the system would crumble since mane and salah don’t like passing too much. Werner is a goal scorer, firmino is selfless

  2. Firmino is the most overrated player, people say he’s creative but he’s had 7 assists in the prem this season, it’s like Liverpool fans try and push this agenda that players like Henderson and firmino are world class, when all they are is average/good players, firmino doesn’t even make it to top 10 strikers in the world

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