Don’t Mess With The Kolasinac’s, Plus La Liga To Return! (Feat Pippa) | AFTV Daily

Don’t Mess With The Kolasinac’s, Plus La Liga To Return! (Feat Pippa) | AFTV Daily
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  1. Thing I like about Pippa she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and state her opinion on things. She could sit on the fence with something but instead respectfully says what she thinks. Respect

  2. ROBBIE the Saudi guy is not worth that much. that 280 billion is the worth of whole royal family. and there is like 1500 people who are part that royal family. but yea he is still quite Rich mofo.

  3. Firstly, please allow me to join the growing list of Pippa admirers. And on the Kante front, he missed a match in March 2018 after fainting in front his teammates in a training session. So he may have been diagnosed with some sort of underlying condition.

  4. By the way on a serious note if the country don't get back to work soon we will be fecked !! The majority off footballers want to come back so what's the problem are we going to be a country of wingers like DT I love DT but man up !! In ww1 and ww2 people died girlfriends boyfriends husbands wifes grans papas !! If we are so scared to go out of the house this country is fecked !! And a message to DT I'm irish and i have pulled three teeth myself with plyers in the last year with no anaesthetic just Jim Beam lol so I am sort of saying where is our fighting spirit of our grandparents we won't let this beat us !! The most important thing is keep your hands clean keep apart from one another use your initiative don't be stupid and we'll all get on fine common sense!!! Love you all MR MOON.

  5. I can understand why she had it considering what happened last time out. These things need to stop happening otherwise foreign players will not want to move to the pl. It will put them off. Well I am glad La Liga is returning even if it means behind closed doors. It's good football is slowly making a return around the World

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