Who Is The Most OVERRATED Premier League Striker?! | Football Pyramid

Hello and welcome to our brand new quiz show on Euro Football Daily, The Football Pyramid.

Two contestants, 9 questions of ascending difficulty, each one taking you up the English Football Pyramid from the National League to the Champions League. Get a question right and you move up a level of the pyramid, get one wrong and you drop down.

They best use their three lifelines wisely…

From the very easy such as which nationality is David Moyes? To the more challenging such as name the 3 managers to win 3 European Cups? To the very difficult… how many FA Cups did Sir Alex Ferguson win whilst in charge of Manchester United? This quiz will test the contestants to the max…

Don’t forget to submit your questions for next week’s show in the comments section and be sure to let us know what you think… enjoy!




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  1. Hi Guys, hope you enjoy the new show… let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

    If you want to get a question featured in the show… the best way to ensure future contestants don't see them in the comments is to DM me on instagram (@DougieCritchley)!



  2. Quite fun, but I feel the questions were a bit too cheap. Naturally are these types of quizzes proceed, the questions do usually get tougher so I hope this one too follows that trajectory otherwise this was class.

    P.S:- Dougie's internet connection was pretty good for his normal lockdown standards today. LOL

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