Troopz Adopts Dortmund & He's Still Not Having Icardi's Wife! | Biased Premier League Show

Troopz Adopts Dortmund & He’s Still Not Having Icardi’s Wife! | Biased Premier League Show
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  1. At the end of the day it’s a small club mentality to have only ONE wordclass player and always beg him to stay when you know there are better options out there for him we’re arsenal football club we should never be begging our players to stay or come it’s EMBARRASSING

  2. you say its too early for the players to play games yet, then talk about the German games as if that ok, they may be a little in front of us but they just had a spike in cases but that's ok, why?

  3. I'm in Australia right now. They closed its boarders on the 20th March. We are at almost 100 deaths since. I'm a UK citizen, we should have closed the boarders a long time ago, considering we're such a small island with 3x the population of Australia!

  4. Troopz ya a joker it's me Dave the deli Gate 13 member 🦁Cfc stop disrespecting us , ya Afro remind me of the BRIXTON RIOTS back in the day , il tell you something bruv I thought u was a F1 fan u went for hoffeinham cos u remembered the Grand Prix races there that was HOCKEINHAM YA A JOKER IN A GOOD WAY BLESS KEEP UP THE GOKD WORK LOVE TO COME ON THE SHOW ONE DAY UP THE CHELS IVE GOT TO WATCH AFTV REG GREAT WORK ROB SERIOUS FROM BRIXTON SOUP KITCHEN

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