How close are Chelsea to overtaking Manchester City? | Premier League

After Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1 at Stamford Bridge to give Liverpool their first Premier League title in 30 years, ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf join Sebasatian Salazar to discuss how close the Blues are to overtaking Pep Guardiola’s side. Burley thinks as of now that’s a bit of a stretch but the “puzzle pieces” are in place for Frank Lampard to maybe make a push the following campaign.
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  1. City need to worry about there current situation with the pending champions league ban top players will definitely want to leave if city can’t offer champions league football

  2. I think Man City will continue to decline in the next coming years due to some of their best players getting older, not to mention the ban from UCL will likely cause an exodus. I think Liverpool are definitely favorites for next season, but I'm going to go with a very shocking prediction and say Man Utd will place 2nd, Chelsea 3rd and Man City 4th. Leicester will probably be somewhere 5-7th, I think this season was a bit of a fluke.

  3. CITY developed into a machine of winning consistent trophies. How can chelsea compare to CITY by winning one game ? Lol. Plus city don't have a strong side. CB,LB,RB. This season was a mistake of city. Period

  4. Laughable. ESPN, the LFC loving station, invite 2 former Chelsea players to give their verdict on how close Chelsea are to overtaking City in an effort to create a bigger gap between City and their darlings, Liverpool. Frank says could, Craig, realistically, says they've got a way to go. ESPN, a station that will never fairly represent all clubs.

  5. I think chelsea look best placed to challenge liverpool. City need some signings, they are ageing but will be fine, man utd will be very good too. Spurs and arsenal will take quite some time.

  6. This guys always underrate Chelsea for a team that finished 10th in one season and finished 1st in the next season Chelsea need to be treated with more respect it always they not going make it all the time

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