Jordan Henderson celebrates the Premier League title with Jamie Carragher 🍾🏆

An emotional Jordan Henderson gives his reaction to Liverpool’s Premier League title win.

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  1. After this extraordinary win, this Liverpool's team made history, and above all Jurgen Klopp, the manager who made LIverpool newly European champion. What he did as a manager was unbelievable, I believe that if he decides to quit Liverpool, his next destiny will be Germany's team. I must suppose that all Germans want him to manage Mannschaft, what's your opinion on that?

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  3. The pressure he had to go through, everyone wanted him to fill in the big shoes of Stevie G, but instead, 3 years down the line Hendo became his own man. We are super proud of our Captain, cheers to many more league cups to come ✌❤

  4. It wasn't that long ago that the fickle Liverpool fans were calling for him to be sold.
    Tbh, I've never rated him and if it wasn't for the players around him, he wouldn't be winning anything. What does he bring to the team? He can't shoot, his passing is woeful at best yet here he is captain of Liverpool. How?

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