What we can expect from Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid…

Ahead of Barcelona’s match against Atlético Madrid at the Camp Nou, there have been serious questions over Quique Setién’s future as head coach. Does he need a win against Simeone’s side to keep his job? What can we expect to see on Tuesday night?

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  1. It's been difficult to build-up to this game in the way we usually would – with so much speculation surrounding Setién's future… But what sort of line-up are you expecting from him tomorrow? Bold? Or more conservative?

  2. To be honest Jamie, I have no expectations from Barcelona. To be more exact, i keep no expectation from Barcelona. Because if you did, the only thing you will get is pain. Rather watch them without expectations, and get no pain at the end of the match, if they either win or lose.
    #laligaManUtd #laligaArsenal
    Visca el barca ( Doing this, because Barcelona will always be in my heart. No matter what, I will always support them)

  3. Honestly im not upbeat about this game ,there's no confidence in the team or the club, there's too much unrest surrounding us at this point in time,and we as fans are extremely frustrated and disappointed, I really don't believe we have what it takes mentality to compete for the rest of the season, not saying I'm giving up on Barcelona, but its that feeling of betrayal and fatigue which is bothering us as fan because we know the standards witch where set ,however the club is going in the opposite direction and it's very painful 😢 for us as fan to accept and tolerate knowing we can and should be doing better,,things must change #onelove#🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  4. I agree with your sentiments Jamie. Setien needs to go out on his own terms if he does go coz we all know the problem doesn't lie with him but the board and the players.

  5. Setien has already lost the dressing room. The players have already turned against him and his coaching staff, so it is very easy for the Barca players to go and play poorly and lose the Atletico game on purpose just to get Setien sacked. It has nothing to do with Setien's tactics because over recent years, it is the senior Barca players like Messi, suarez and pique that run the dressing room not the manager. It is why it seems like they played better under Valverde because they loved him. These senior Barca players loved Valverde because he allowed them to be lazy unlike Setien who is forcing them.to work hard in training sessions. Big headed and egoistic players have ruined this club and any chance of a top manager wanting to come and manage this club and of course the current board has allowed all this to happen.

  6. You know what? I hope we lose both of those matches against Atletico Madrid and Villarreal. I hope we lose so that Setien gets sacked and gets puts off this misery. This board, these players, the mentality, everything is just wrong and no one should suffer because of some assholes. No one deserves this. I'm actually kinda glad Arthur left too.
    I've always been a Cule, but this is just ridiculous, everything that's happening in the club.
    And Messi disrespecting the club staff is so disheartening.
    I guess "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain", eh? Ugh.

  7. Pjanic avg key pass per game
    Upfront forward ( higuain ,ronaldo,dybala)
    Arthur average key pass per game
    0.5( forward – messi,suarez,gizi
    Racitic – 0.5
    Now imagine 1.3 avg key pass per game
    When u have forward like messi…
    It will be amazing for the team

  8. Setién on a pre match press conference said that if he puts out young players and if they don't win… He is going to get sacked. He was right. This board and the big egoed "locker room" is a big disgrace.

  9. It's incredible to see jamie upload in these hard times,this game can prove to be crucial for setien's future. Valverde left after 2 disastrous seasons but setien is going to be sacked after five months.how does the board think this is a good idea?they have no long term planning.Arthur is forced out by the club for a 30 year old benchwarmer,this just proves to show how exotic the board is.

  10. I think this is all Bartomeu's plan of messing up the board before he exits.
    He knows it very well that he will never be able to win the elections, so he does as much damage as he can so that the next board directors get the blame for being incompetent.

  11. I have loved this club for as long as I can remember. There was a time when watching Barca play was the high point of the day. There was a time when just waiting for a Barca game was so exciting. Now, thats all gone. All thanks to an incompetent board that has destroyed the club from within.

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